• Pristine Pooch Gift Set


    This gift set includes our Dog Bone Soap Lift, waterfall…

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  • Manuka Honey Soap

    Handcrafted soap with Manuka honey, which comes from Manuka flowers that grow wild in New Zealand. This moisture rich soap nourishes the skin.

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  • Manuka Honey Loofah Gift Set

    Our best selling Manuka Honey Loofah Soap is now available as a gift set!

    Natural loofah incased in Manuka Honey soap. Use for gentle exfoliation for rough spots – feet, especially heels, elbows & hands.

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  • Poison Ivy Soap

    Helps soothe irritated skin from poison ivy, sumac, and other rashes. Formulated with Sweet Fern (an aromatic herb used for poison ivy), Calamine powder (calms skin), Manuka honey (to nurture skin and known for its antibacterial properties), and Aloe Vera juice (cools the skin) all in a base of organic oils.


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  • Red Clay Soap

    Especially beneficial for those who work with their hands, this soap is a great addition to the clean-up routine. It cleanses the skin of oil, dirt, and grime with moisturizing and softening. Originally created for gardeners, it has become popular for chefs and mechanics too!

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  • Serenity Soap

    A handcrafted soap that contains 7 essential oils; an oil for each of the 7 Chakra’s. Every person smells something different, depending on their alignment – what will it emphasize to you?

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