Give Your Soap a Lift!

Our eco-friendly soap saver is the first of its kind! Use it in soap dishes, shower shelves, or countertops to keep your soap high and dry. Available in a variety of colors!
Soap Lift® Products

Natural Soaps & Creams

Our soaps and creams are made from natural ingredients carefully formulated to address a variety of skin needs.
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New Shapes!

Add a bit of fun to your bathroom or kitchen with one of our Soap Lift shapes that keeps your soap 'good to the last sliver'.  Available in a wide range of colors and shapes.
Soap Lift® Products

The Original Soap Lift®

Keep your soap high and dry!

After years of perfecting the Soap Lift®, we know how well it works! All of our products, including our soaps and creams are made and manufactured here in the USA. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating luxurious lines of bar soaps and repairing creams which perfectly complement our mission: providing the highest quality products and make every effort to be as environmentally conscious as possible!

Soap Lift®

Made of multi-directional bioplastic (corn based) allows water to drain and air to circulate – extending the life of your soap enormously!


All of our handmade soaps are done in controlled batches to keep the integrity of each bar and it’s fragrance true, utilizing only the finest ingredients.


Our creams are handcrafted and formulated with high quality ingredients for everything from dry skin to poison ivy and psoriasis.

Why We Are Different

The Original Soap Lift©

  • REACH compliant
  • Currently rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 2,500+ reviews.
  • Featured in Gift Beat Magazine as a top selling item in all kinds of retail settings.
  • # 1 POP since 2020.
  • 100% Made In the USA.
  • We have a fully stocked warehouse for all of our Soap Lift® products.
  • Respond and ship within 24 – 48 business hours for all orders.
  • We offer military and veteran Discounts for active military and veteran owned businesses.

Our Mission

The Story of Soap Lift©

Sea Lark Enterprises, LLC is a woman owned, family run company and the home of the original Soap Lift®. We are immensely proud that all of the material in and on every single one of our products is 100% made in the U.S.A. and sourced from small companies just like us!

From Our Customers

These are the best invention to keep your soap from melting all over the soap dish and getting covered in slime!

Lynne O.

I absolutely love these. I have one in every soap dish in both of my houses. This one was a gift. I just wish they came in more colors.

Kathleen L.

I bought one of these for our new shower with tile niches and my husband liked it so much that I bought 6 more, for use under all soap bars (some with and some without a dish), and also under a can of shaving cream to prevent rust stains. Excellent product and made in USA, too!

Lynne T.

Buy these all the time for gifts. Everyone loves them. I have purchased over 30 in many years. Friends re-order as well. Found it a perfect resting place for my electric toothbrush. No more toothpaste marks on the counter to clean up. Love this product.

J. Crawford

I love these and bought the green and then the white later. My wife uses a green soap downstairs and we have a white soap upstairs. These soap lifts keep the soap dry, hide the soap residue and rinse out easily to clean while keeping the soap residue off of the soap dish making it easier to clean.


These little soap lifts are perfect. They keep the soap nice and dry, as well as whatever surface you sit them on (which was my major concern). We just run ours under the water once a month or so to prevent any soapy buildup. I plan on buying more now that we’ve tried them out and really like them.

M.K. Clark

I have purchased numerous soap dishes and soap savers as of late trying to find something that actually works a bit and most of them don’t do much but make a mess and more work until this little gem came along. I was also surprised as to how well this soap saver does work! It does get a little moisture underneath the unit but surprisingly not much. It can be used on its own or put in a soap dish if desired. I for now am just using it on its own in hope moisture dissipates a bit faster. Actually works very well to keep your soap from getting mushy.

Tad J.

This is the most amazing thing ever…and I am spreading the word! This keeps your soap dry, keeps the soap dish clean and soap doesn’t move around the dish. It can be easily cut to fit any soap dish. It is really an extraordinary product.

Carole H.

The Recovery Cream from Sea Lark…has gotten rid of my dry itchy skin and has allowed my skin to actually heal. I have been using The Recovery Cream for a few months now and can honestly say it’s the only product I’ve tried that has actually worked.

Nicole, Mother & Massage Therapist

Horrible onset of Shingles…the recovery cream started healing IMMEDIATELY and cleared up the rash in a week. High five for the Recovery Cream!!

Susan from Minnesota

I’ve suffered from psoriasis for 9 years and have been using prescription steroids. Your cream is a natural healing cream and has truly worked on my skin. Thank you!

Mary from New York

Recovery Cream was the only thing that truly helped my skin heal after radiation treatment for breast cancer. It feels wonderful going on and immediately starts working. I cannot recommend it enough.

Susan J. from Cape Elizabeth, ME

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