• Purchasing Options

    Currently, purchasing through our website is down. In the meantime our products are readily available through Amazon! By searching “soap lift” you will find nearly all of our products, most available with Prime shipping. You will also see “Aira Soap Saver” by our affiliate Aira. Aira Soap Savers are manufactured to the same strict standards you expect,
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  • Ducks and Sea Turtles!!

    For the past few months we’ve been working on a new color and two new shapes. Last month we finally got to see the results of our planning and we couldn’t be happier! We hope that you are just as excited as us for the new sea turtles and duckling!

  • Thank you Atlanta!

    We had a fantastic time meeting everyone at the Atlanta gift show! We’d like to say thank you for stopping in to see us, and for how enthusiastic the responses were to our Soap Lifts! If you missed us in Atlanta’s “Made in America” section, then you probably didn’t hear the latest news. We are
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